Thin aromatic wafers, rich creamy fillings, with carefully selected high-quality ingredients. Three flavours to satisfy everyone’s taste buds, many sizes for every need. With our Balocco wafer there will never be a bad time to have a delicious break.


preview Bambù Milk
Bambù Milk
preview Bambù Hazelnut
Bambù Hazelnut
preview Bambù Cocoa
Bambù Cocoa


preview Wafers Milk cubes
Wafers Milk cubes
preview Wafers Hazelnut cubes
Wafers Hazelnut cubes
preview Wafers Cocoa cubes
Wafers Cocoa cubes
preview Wafers Milk
Wafers Milk
preview Wafers Hazelnut
Wafers Hazelnut
preview Wafers Cocoa
Wafers Cocoa

Wafer Snacks

preview Wafer Milk
Wafer Milk
preview Wafer Milk expositor
Wafer Milk expositor
preview Wafer Hazelnut
Wafer Hazelnut
preview Wafer Hazelnut expositor
Wafer Hazelnut expositor
preview Wafer Cocoa
Wafer Cocoa
preview Wafer Cacao expositor
Wafer Cacao expositor