Delicious creams and tempting icings: choose these rich desserts if you want to treat yourself.

preview Gocciolotto Panettone
Gocciolotto Panettone
preview Gocciolotto Pandoro
Gocciolotto Pandoro
preview Panettone DolceMora
Panettone DolceMora
preview Panettone Mr Chocolate
Panettone Mr Chocolate
preview MaxiCiok Panettone
MaxiCiok Panettone
preview White MaxiCiok - Panettone
White MaxiCiok - Panettone
preview Gran Orange Panettone
Gran Orange Panettone
preview Pandoro with Vanilla and Ginger
Pandoro with Vanilla and Ginger
preview Pandoro Maxiciok Pistacchio & Nocciola
Pandoro Maxiciok Pistacchio & Nocciola
nuova ricetta
preview MaxiCiok Double Pandoro
MaxiCiok Double Pandoro
preview Lemondoro Pandoro
Lemondoro Pandoro
preview CiokoPanna Pandoro
CiokoPanna Pandoro