Year '80
Year '90

1975 “Carosello”

First commercial in Balocco’s history, featuring the most well-known showgirls of that time: the twins Alice e Ellen Kessler.

Eighties “Cicale”

Heather Parisi, symbol of the Italian television in the eighties, became the face of Balocco with her hit of the time: “Cicale” became the tune of the new Mandorlato commercial.

Nineties “The prettiest girls on TV”

The most famous women of Italian television during the nineties were the faces of Balocco’s ad campaigns: Wendy Windham, Antonella Elia, Vanessa Incontrada and Elenoire Casalegno.

2006 “Crazy about passion”

The first ad campaign for the breakfast biscuits was created, featuring Signor Balocco, played by Cosimo Cinieri.

2010 “Be Good”

The TV advertisement continued featuring Mr. Balocco with a claim that left a mark in the history of advertising: “Be good”

2010 “Juventus”

The collaboration with Juventus started: for two years being jersey sponsor (2010/2011 e 2011/2012), Balocco continues the partnership with the Old Lady

2013 “Giro d'Italia”

The name Balocco appeared on the Pink Jersey: thanks to the sponsorship in the Giro d’Italia, hat will last until 2015. The company gains a higher reputation.

2014 “Land of Mr. Balocco”

The new advertisements for shortbread and Christmas products were all set in the “Land of Mr. Balocco”: where the values of the company are best represented - Kindness, sweetness, family, and sharing.

2017 “Generations of Deliciousness”

Mr Balocco goes back on TV, portrayed by Aldo Stella, this time with this grandson. He is followed in his many adventures that compose the multi-approach campaign headed by the director Daniele Lucchetti.