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Glazed Pastry Puffs

stabilimento che usa energia rinnovabile

Light crispy puff pastry and the sweet flavour of apricot jam makes for a perfect tea biscuit.

a finesse of Italian pastry

composit prodotto
How we made it... Nutritional values

Our glazed Pastry Puffs are free from dyes and preservatives.


wheat flour - glaze 28% (sugar - egg white) - vegetable margarine (not hydrogenated palm and sunflower oils - water - emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids) - apricot garnish 5% (glucose-fructose syrup - sugar - apricot puree 20% corresponding to 1% of the total ingredients - water - modified corn starch - gelling agent: pectine) - butter - glucose syrup - salt - malted wheat and barley - natural flavourings.

May contain traces of soy.

The highlighted ingredients can cause reactions in allergic or intolerant subjects.

Keep in a cold and dry place.

You can make the difference too:

remember to make separate collection.

vaschetta (PET 01) incarto (PP5)

Specialty Pastry Puffs