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Dolce Sogno with Peach

Dessert filled with peach jam and yogurt cream, covered in milk chocolate and garnished with dark chocolate. Suitable for all festive moments.

With yogurt and peach jam!

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How we made it... Nutritional values

Dolce Sogno with Peach is a baked sourdough product, carefully crafted by Balocco, using only GM-free ingredients.


wheat flour - milk chocolate 15.4% [sugar - cocoa butter - milk powder - cocoa paste - emulsifier: (soya) lecithins - flavouring] - fresh eggs* - sugar - peach filling 9.2% (sugar - peach puree 41% corresponding to 3.8% of the total ingredients -  glucose-fructose syrup - concentrated lemon juice - acidity regulator: citric acid - gelling agent: pectin – flavourings) - yogurt cream 9.2% (glucose syrup - sugar - water - dextrose - modified starch E 1422 - low fat yogurt powder 4% corresponding to 0.4% of the total ingredients - sunflower seed oil - full fat yogurt 2% corresponding to 0.2% of the total ingredients - flavourings - preservative: potassium sorbate - salt - acidifier: citric acid) - dark chocolate 4.6% [cocoa paste - sugar - cocoa butter - butter - emulsifier: (soya) lecithins - natural vanilla flavouring) - butter - sunflower seed oil - natural yeast (wheat flour - water - yeast) - glucose syrup - emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids - alcohol - skimmed milk powder - salt - natural flavouring. 

May contain tree nuts and peanuts.
The highlighted ingredients can cause reactions in allergic or intolerant subjects.
Store in a cool and dry place.

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