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The perfect gift to make your Easter even more special: our colomba Balocco with chocolate chips and raisins, one extra fine milk chocolate egg and delicious small eggs.

A unique gift!

composit prodotto
How we made it... Nutritional values

A Colomba enriched with chocolate chips and raisins inside and out and exquisite handcrafted icing with whole almonds.

Chocolate chip and raisins Colomba 500 g + Extra fine milk chocolate egg 150g + Milk chocolate Eggs Feletti 125g


wheat flour - candied citrus peels 12,4% (orange and cedar peels - glucose-fructose syrup - sugar - acidity regulator: citric acid) - hazelnuts glaze 10,3% (sugar - wheat flour - peanut oil - hazelnuts 7,2% corresponding to 0,7% of the total ingredients - rice our - powdered egg white - avourings) - butter - sugar - fresh egg yolk - natural yeast (wheat flour - water - yeast) - frosted sugar 6,4% - raisins 3,6% - almonds 2,6% - inverted sugar - fresh pasteurized milk 1,8% - emulsi ers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids - salt - avourings.
May contain other tree nuts and soya.
The highlighted ingredients can cause reactions in allergic or intolerant subjects.

Store in a cool and dry place.

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remember to make separate collection.

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