Traditional recipes, sweet variations of classic pastries. Small delicacies for the little ones: everyone in the family will find the perfect product for the most special holiday of the year. Each of our products is the result of our passion and respect for quality. 

Children's magic

preview Mini Panettone Batman
Mini Panettone Batman
preview Mini Pandoro PJ Mask
Mini Pandoro PJ Mask
preview Mini Pandoro in latta Cattivissimo Me
Mini Pandoro in latta Cattivissimo Me
preview Football Team Mini Panettone
Football Team Mini Panettone
preview Cake with Yogurt Frozen
Cake with Yogurt Frozen
preview Paw Patrol Cake
Paw Patrol Cake
preview Panettone in latta Juve
Panettone in latta Juve

Mini packs

preview Mini Panettone flow pack
Mini Panettone flow pack
preview Mini Pandoro flow pack
Mini Pandoro flow pack
preview Mini Panettone
Mini Panettone
preview Mini Pandoro
Mini Pandoro
preview Mini Panettone with chocolate chips
Mini Panettone with chocolate chips

Party cakes

preview Festive Cake with Chocolate
Festive Cake with Chocolate
preview Festive Cake with Yogurt and Chocolate
Festive Cake with Yogurt and Chocolate
preview Festive Cake with Lemon
Festive Cake with Lemon
preview Festive Cake with Cream and Chocolate
Festive Cake with Cream and Chocolate

The Tradition

preview Mandorlato
preview Mandorlato Cuore d'oro
Mandorlato Cuore d'oro
preview Panettone Glassuvetta
Panettone Glassuvetta
preview Panettone
preview Pandoro

The Gastronomico

preview Panettoncini Gastronomici
Panettoncini Gastronomici
preview Panettone Gastronomico
Panettone Gastronomico


preview Panettone Cereali & Cranberries
Panettone Cereali & Cranberries
preview Panettone Cereali e Cioccolato
Panettone Cereali e Cioccolato

Special occasions

preview Double Chocolate
Double Chocolate
preview Zuppa Inglese
Zuppa Inglese
preview Tiramisù
preview Piacere “MOKA”
Piacere “MOKA”
preview Piacere “LIMONCELLO”
preview Piacere “NOCCIOLA”
Piacere “NOCCIOLA”


preview Gocciolotto Panettone
Gocciolotto Panettone
preview Gocciolotto Pandoro
Gocciolotto Pandoro
preview Panettone DolceMora
Panettone DolceMora
preview Panettone Mr Chocolate
Panettone Mr Chocolate
preview MaxiCiok Panettone
MaxiCiok Panettone
preview White MaxiCiok - Panettone
White MaxiCiok - Panettone
preview Gran Orange Panettone
Gran Orange Panettone
preview Pandoro with Vanilla and Ginger
Pandoro with Vanilla and Ginger
preview Pandoro Maxiciok Pistacchio & Nocciola
Pandoro Maxiciok Pistacchio & Nocciola
preview MaxiCiok Double Pandoro
MaxiCiok Double Pandoro
preview Lemondoro Pandoro
Lemondoro Pandoro
preview CiokoPanna Pandoro
CiokoPanna Pandoro


preview Panettone in tin box
Panettone in tin box
preview Pandoro in tin box
Pandoro in tin box
preview The Wrapped Mandorlato
The Wrapped Mandorlato
preview The Wrapped Panettone
The Wrapped Panettone
preview The Wrapped Pandoro
The Wrapped Pandoro
preview Notte di Natale Mandorlato
Notte di Natale Mandorlato
preview Notte di Natale Pandoro
Notte di Natale Pandoro
preview Natale in Festa Panettone
Natale in Festa Panettone
preview Natale in Festa Pandoro
Natale in Festa Pandoro
preview Dolci Emozioni Mandorlato
Dolci Emozioni Mandorlato
preview Dolci Emozioni Pandoro
Dolci Emozioni Pandoro
preview Concerto di Natale Mandorlato
Concerto di Natale Mandorlato
preview Concerto di Natale Pandoro
Concerto di Natale Pandoro
preview Gran Galà Mandorlato
Gran Galà Mandorlato
preview Gran Galà Pandoro
Gran Galà Pandoro