Discover the taste
of a whole breakfast with

Cruschelle cioccolato

The right combination for a delicious, healthy and high-fibre breakfast.

with cereals and chocolate

composit prodotto
How we made it... Nutritional values

Our Cruschelle Chocolate do not contain palm oil, any additives, colourings or hydrogenated fats, and are free from genetically modified ingredients.


wheat flour 24,6% - sugar - oat flakes 13,9% - caramelized puffed durum wheat 13,5% (puffed durum wheat 48% - sugar - honey - sunflower seed oil - caramelized sugar 1,5%) - sunflower seed oil - chocolate 7,5% (cocoa mass - sugar - cocoa butter - butter - emulsifier: soya lecithin - natural vanilla flavour) - fine bran (wheat) 7,5% - cocoa 3,9% - cocoa bean nibs 2% - raising agents: ammonium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate - flavouring - salt.

May contain tree nuts, peanuts, eggs and milk.

The highlighted ingredients can cause reactions in allergic or intolerant subjects.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

You can make the difference too:

remember to make separate collection.

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