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A wide range of classical Italian pastry made with excellent ingredients and carefully crafted with passion, which characterise Balocco since 1972 .
preview Meliga Biscuits
Meliga Biscuits
preview Chocolate Meliga Biscuits
Chocolate Meliga Biscuits
preview Butter Krumiri
Butter Krumiri
preview Butter Krumiri <span>with chocolate chips</span>
Butter Krumiri with chocolate chips
preview Hazelnut Treats
Hazelnut Treats
preview Hazelnut and Chocolate Treats
Hazelnut and Chocolate Treats
preview Quaquare
preview Baci di Dama
Baci di Dama
preview Butter Torcetti
Butter Torcetti
preview Butter and Chocolate Torcetti
Butter and Chocolate Torcetti
preview Classic Mini Panettone
Classic Mini Panettone
preview Mini Pandoro
Mini Pandoro
preview Mini Panettone <span>in flow pack</span>
Mini Panettone in flow pack
preview Mini Pandoro <span>in flow pack</span>
Mini Pandoro in flow pack
preview Mini Panettone <span>with Chocolate chips</span>
Mini Panettone with Chocolate chips

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