The recipes

From now on, "Mr Balocco" will take care of the dessert. Stop wasting time leafing through cook books looking for the most suitable dessert for the various occasions. On our website, you can now find many solutions with a simple click.
A fantastic array of dessert recipes with Balocco products as protagonists, in many different variants showing their characteristic versatility.
Each week you will find online a new seasonal recipe, which was created for a specific occasion.
Some recipes will be reproposed throughout the 4 seasons, such as the birthday party cake, the snack, and Mr. Balocco's cake. Others will be proposed for occasions particularly linked to autumn, winter, spring, and summer, such as the grape harvest cake, the Christmas and Easter cake, and the cake for the feast of the Assumption.
The recipes have all been created ad-hoc and tested. They are fun and original, although easy to make.
From now on, the art of making desserts will have no more secrets for you. Enjoy!