The origins

Balocco family’s passion for sweets dates back to 1927, when Francesco Antonio Balocco opened his very first confectionary shop in Fossano (CN), opposite the Princes of Acaja’s Castle.  Soon a second one was opened in the old town’s main street. It is here that the mastery and passion for quality shown by these craftsmen set up one of the most renowed Italian confectionary brands. After the war, on the initiative of Aldo, Antonio’s son and the current honorary president of the company, Balocco became a modern industry. Production moved to a 5,000-square-metre plant with 30 employees.  In 1970 a new plant was opened (70,000 square meters, 20,000 of which indoor) in Santa Lucia St., where the company currently has its head offices. In 1975 Balocco made its first TV adv during “Carosello” broadcast (the famous Italian first sponsored entertainment show); turnover exceeded the equivalent in liras of 1 million €.  A relentless growth had just started. The plant was extended and in 1987 the production area reached 32,000 square metres. Turnover rose to the equivalent in liras of 14 million € and employees were 135. Balocco became a source of pride for the region as well as all important landmark for the local economy.